A parachute jump for a thrill.

The Relais de la Pointe du Van also offers parachute jumps from our helipad. You can choose the place of your jump and discover the Pointe du Raz, its famous lighthouses as well as the Ile de Sein located a few kilometres from the Finistère coast.

Discover new and unforgettable sensations and participate or offer a parachute jump with a certified instructor for a safe jump.

The Relais de la Pointe du Van also benefits from partnerships with approved pilots who can pick you up or transport you to the airport to facilitate your trip to the Pointe du Raz.

Book your helicopter flight or parachute jump now by contacting the Relais de la Pointe du Van on 02 98 70 62 79, or by email via our form

 Our helicopter trips to discover the Pointe du Van.

Take advantage of your stay in Brittany to discover the Breton coasts while enjoying the pleasure of flying in a helicopter. You will be able to enjoy a first flight with certified professionals.

Discover the Breton region and its extraordinary landscapes seen from the sky. You will take advantage of the flight to have an unprecedented view of our beautiful region, you will benefit from an incredible viewpoint for successful shots.

The helipad of the Relais de la Pointe du Van

The Pointe du Van hotel has a private helipad at your disposal. Whether you are a pilot or a passenger, you will be able to land close to our Relais to spend the night or to have a meal while enjoying a breathtaking view of the Baie des Trépassés.

 Helicopter flight


  For you, your family or your friends ...

   Discover the Baie des Trépassés with a flight over :
  • the Tévennec lighthouse
  • the Vieille lighthouse
  • the lighthouse of the Ile de Sein


95€ per person for a first flight::

  • Flight over the Vieille lighthouse
  • Ile de Sein Lighthouse Tévennec Lighthouse


  • Flight to Ile de Sein, morning drop off for the day or
    for the weekend at 175€ per person, round trip
    (On reservation)


  • Private flight on request (Armen, Ouessant, Sein) & Wedding proposal


  • Tandem jump (on reservation)
    Skydiving for individuals with a certificate